State of Decay 3 Trailer Released Today

A Zombie Deer from State of Decay 3
A zombie deer from the State of Decay 3 announcement trailer.

A State of Decay 3 announcement trailer was released today during Microsoft’s Xbox Games Showcase, part of Summer Game Fest. In it, a woman is sitting by a campfire in a snowy, forested area. While sharpening crossbow bolts, she hears a noise and looks up the hill. A large wolf is staring her down. She lets out a scream and it runs away. The next day, she is traversing a snowy area holding her crossbow, presumably hunting for food. She crosses a creek using a fallen log and then begins to follow a trail of blood. She touches the blood, probably still warm, and continues on. She peers through the scope of her crossbow and sees the wolf that had been watching her the night before. It is bloodied and being eaten … by a ZOMBIE DEER.

State of Decay fans should be excited about this one as much as I am. This trailer implies that the new game will have snow and wilderness. No gameplay was shown in the trailer, but regardless, it looks like this could be pretty great. The State of Decay series is arguably the best zombie game on Xbox. No release date was announced, but as Microsoft said before, you won’t have to purchase this game if you’re a Game Pass subscriber. It will be available to play for subscribers on the day it launches. It will be available on Xbox and Windows.

Watch the full State of Decay 3 trailer below:

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