Xbox Should Allow Us To Stream Directly to Facebook Gaming

Facebook Gaming Logo

Mixer is going away on July 22 and Xbox users will only be allowed to stream from the console to Twitch. Like it was in the beginning. It would be cool if we could stream directly to Facebook Gaming from the console. Currently, you have to stream through OBS or similar software. 

We shouldn’t have to do that though. The reason many of us get Xbox is because we don’t want to have to build or purchase a gaming PC. My current issue is that with my hardware, I can only reliably stream 720p. The Xbox does 1080. I can stream to Twitch fine, but if I want to use YouTube or Facebook Gaming, I lose quality routing everything through the PC. And since Microsoft is essentially out of the streaming business, it would be nice if we could stream to YouTube as well. Give us some options. Prevent myself and others from purchasing a new PC over the Series X.

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