Battlefield 4 is Still the Best Combat Game Ever

Battlefield 4

This review does not contain information about the solo campaign because this game’s multiplayer is what shines. Battlefield 4, in my opinion, is still the best one of the series. You have modern combat that puts the US vs Russia vs China. There are tanks, jeeps, planes, boats, etc. Some of the maps are huge. This isn’t COD in that it’s not all up close, but you can actually play those types of matches if you prefer. BF4 gives you that option. You can also be the commander and order air strikes, drop supplies, and help your soldiers find the enemy.

Since 4, 1 and 5 have come out. One focuses on WW1 and Five is WW2. Even with the improved graphics, I still don’t feel either is as good as Four was. Even after all these years since it was released, you can still find several servers to play on.

The Bottom Line: This is included with EA Access. Or just buy it. It’s cheap now. It’s fun. Hundreds still play it so you will always be able to find a full server. You can not go wrong on this one.

Battlefield 4 (Multiplayer) on Xbox One






Fun Factor



  • Lots of Action
  • Many Weapons
  • Great Tactical Gameplay