Cities Skylines on Xbox One is the Ultimate City Builder

Cities Skylines Xbox One Edition

Cities Skylines is probably my favorite game which is why it gets a perfect score. If you liked Sim City back in the day, you will love this. I purchased the mayor’s edition which came with the parks add-on and some transportation one. I also purchased the University add-on and Sunset Harbor and will be reviewing those separately. 

There are obviously some things that could be added to this game. The PC version appears to have more road options and the PC also has mods that users create. We would love to see a traffic management add-on for the game. But maybe that could come on the next generation console. I have a plain jane Xbox One and my city has over 200,000 people. You will notice the draw distance is kind of low at times, but then again, this is a simulation of a 200,000 person city. I also notice the Xbox’s fan runs quite a bit more when playing this game.

The Bottom Line: If this is your genre and you don’t own this game. You must. I’ve probably put in 80+ hours so far. As of July 2020, it’s available with Game Pass. You can even get the PC version too with Ultimate.

Cities Skylines Xbox One Edition on Xbox One






Fun Factor



  • Compatible with Mouse & Keyboard
  • Easily Dozens of Hours of Gameplay
  • Decent Music


  • Many Add-ons