Truck Driver Leaves Much Room for Improvement

Truck Driver on Xbox OneIf you’ve ever played Euro Truck Simulator on PC, this is the same concept, but you won’t like it. It’s barebones and leaves a lot to be updated. There isn’t much traffic. There are no other trucks. There’s bus stops everywhere, but no buses. Traffic is limited to cars and vans and they will almost always turn out in front of you. If you’ve never played a trucking game, you may actually like this. The reviews on the Xbox store are pretty good. But if you want realism vs arcade, this is not the one. A fully loaded semi accelerates in the same way as an empty one. The brakes act in the same way as well.

Speed is limited to 120 KPH and you will get up to that quicker than you would in real life. There’s only one, maybe two, traffic lights and you cannot go right on red or you will be ticketed. The missions are kind of boring and all of the dialogue is through text message on a phone displayed on the screen. Many of the sentences are written awkwardly and misspelled. If you’re thinking about buying this game, don’t until some major updates are released. 

Truck Driver






Fun Factor



  • Only Game of its Kind on Console
  • Choose from Different Trucks


  • Awkward Controls
  • Lifeless Environment