Xbox Gold Is Going Away?

I was a PC gamer in the early 2000s. I understood the cost of almost constant upgrades to the play the latest game. I didn’t like it. I stopped. In 2015, I bought an Xbox. I had experimented with the 360 before and became frustrated with the Gold system. It was my roomate’s Xbox and he didn’t have Gold nor did I, but he told me it was free on weekends. And it was.

On a PC. you buy the game. And you can play it. One of the biggest gripes on the Xbox for all these years is that you can buy a game and play solo, but it’s an extra $10 a month to do multiplayer. The rumor going around right now is that this system is going away. I would hope there will be an announcement tomorrow during Xbox’s Summer Game Pass presentation, but there’s honestly no telling.

It would be great if this goes away, but at the same time, my worry is that Game Pass Ultimate could be the next thing we have to have. Game Pass is $10 per month. Game Pass Ultimate is $15. Gold was $10 per month or $60 yearly. If Xbox players are forced into something else, them and I could be looking at an extra $10 per month to play our favorite console. I hope a price increase does not happen. I’d be willing to pay the same, but would be a little upset if it becomes more. I hope neither is the case.

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