About Us

XBOXgamer.net is a huge work in progress and is in no way affiliated with Xbox, Microsoft, or Xbox-Gamer.com. We are video game enthusiasts that prefer Xbox over Playstation, but we like their exclusives. Or, at least I do.  We’re trying to fill the site with a lot of content, but do need help. If you’d like to write for us or have any ideas, then please use our Contact page at the bottom of this page and let us know. There is no pay at this point, but it is very possible in the future. Currently, we need writers and moderators. But mostly, writers. We will turn comments on when we have a good amount of articles, reviews, lists, etc. We’re not looking to just churn advertising money. We want great content and to create a place that people can go to get the latest information on the games they enjoy. If you’re interested, contact us. Thank You, David Garrett Jr. (NovelGamer84)