Bus Simulator Update Released Today on Xbox One

Bus Simulator Screenshot
A screenshot from Bus Simulator v1.4.0.6

Astragon announced a new update yesterday for Xbox One that was received by our console today. According to their Twitter account, the new update includes the following:


    • NEW: Official Map Extension DLC achievements
    • Fixed some base game achievements requiring the player to own the Map Extension
    • Made collectibles always spawn, even if the player has already found them
    • Found and rescued the married couple trophy (yeah!)
    • Fixes and performance improvements to NPC buses
    • Improvements to the performance during national holidays
    • Improved multiplayer initial synchronization bandwidth usage
    • Fixed several bus and route unlocking issues
    • The cashier setting for co-op missions is now working again
    • Several fixes for the bus customization menu
    • Fix that some settings were not saved
    • Fixed wheelchair passenger AI so they always only take the door with the ramp
    • Fixed some bus selection issues, most important that the rental bus was not automatically selected
    • Fix custom license plates for bus models that had issues with them
    • Fixed Iveco Driver Door Material for the bottom left corner
    • Fixed airport stop direction being reversible causing the route to become invalid
    • Normal buses no longer count towards bendy bus objective in the Student Exchange mission
    • Improved looks and LODs of the NPC Cars
    • Several UI focus improvements and fixes
    • Improved input device switching
    • Voice-chat now instantly gets applied after changing the checkbox value
  • Several smaller bugfixes and game improvements
  • Preparations for upcoming Bus Packs

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