Soedesco Is Doing the Right Thing

Screenshot from Truck Driver on Xbox One

I submitted my responses to the survey conducted by Soedesco about its Truck Driver game on console. Five wasn’t really enough, but it said they will share the results and conduct a second survey to prioritize what players want.

That’s great. Truck Driver kind of sucks. I played American Truck Simulator on PC. It’s amazing. It really is. Truck Driver on Xbox isn’t. It’s a very lonely, boring game. And it shouldn’t be. In a game where there’s a bus stop every couple kilometers, you’d think there’d be buses. At least, they could make it like Euro Truck Simulator.

They have to add traffic. A variety of traffic. The physics need to be improved. Full load. Empty load. Uphill. Downhill. It’s all the same.

No engine braking? An e-brake? Seriously?

The map is small compared to the PC games. I want to do a lot more interstate driving. That’s what most of long distance trucking is.

Simulations are hot right now. There have been dozens added to Xbox in recent years. And with the new consoles coming up, it’s possible some other developer could come up with a better trucking game for the PS5 or Series X. It’s best to improve it now so that you have a rapport built up with fans in the future.

Take the survey by clicking the link in the embedded Tweet by Soedesco.

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